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Author Topic: Baglamukhi Mantra diksha question and answer  (Read 4550 times)

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Baglamukhi Mantra diksha question and answer
« on: June 29, 2013, 02:13:56 PM »
Question : Can anyone suggest me how and where & from whom should I can get Diksha of Maa Baglamukhi. I am very much remaining in tension in my life, say due to job problem, personal life, etc. I have tried jyotish, tantra mantra everything but dont know what is going wrong. I have even taken shaktipat diksha from many spiritual gurus. Now, the only last hope is maa baglamukhi pooja upasna but I want to do it in a proper way after taking diksha.
Pls suggest from where in Gujarat I can take diksha and start maa baglamukhi puja sadhna, as maa is the only one who can help me to bring SUKH, SHANTI AND HAPPINESS INTO MY LIFE.

Answer : You can take ma baglamukhi mantra diksha from shri yogeshwaranand ji. He has been spreading knowledge of ma baglamukhi to the whole world.
To take ma baglamukhi diksha call on 9540674788 or email to (Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji). For more information visit 

Question : Do I have to take a diksha from a guru to start maa baglamukhi mantra? Is it necessary to find a guru to start saying this mantra? How many times should it be said and for how long? Has it backfired on anyone? How much precaution should we take when we do this?
Answer : Yes it is necessary to diksha before chanting any mantra. Guru is very important in anyone's life. Baglamukhi mantra has never backfired on anyone because ma baglamukhi always protects her child.
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